Frequently Asked Questions


What is İnci Radar?

İnci Radar is an open innovation platform that connects technology companies (StartUps and ScaleUps) offering solutions in the fields of Mobility, Energy, Industry 4.0, Logistics with industry leaders and foundations, supporting the growth of enterprises.

What are the application conditions to İnci Radar?

Startups/Scaleups that creates solution on Mobility, Energy, Industry 4.0, Logistics, contributes Holding sustainability goals, developed products focusing on the needs of Holding group companies can apply for İnci Radar program.

Is İnci Radar an acceleration program?

No. İnci Radar is an innovation platform as a bridge between İnci Holding and group companies. İnci Radar can work with entrepreneurs who were graduated from acceleration program or can lead entrepreneurs to acceleration programs. It aims to confirm the prototypes of entrepreneurs, help them be informed on their focus industry and connect the entrepreneurs to decision makers for business development. 

Can I have a direct investment opportunity if I got accepted to İnci Radar?

No.However, İnci Radar directly connects accepted enterprises with Vinci Venture Capital, a strategic investment of İnci Holding, and provides an opportunity for pitching.

What does İnci Radar offer to the entrepreneurs?

-Networking Services:

Access to İnci Holding and group companies and all shareholders in its network (Industry, Non-Governmental Organizations, Public Institutions, Investors, Mentors),

-Mentorship and Consultation Services:

Matchmaking activities designed focusing on goals and objectives that the team want to reach,

Support to growth focused need,

Market compatibility test

-Direct industry tests of products developed for the business problems of İnci Holding group companies and suppliers (MVP/ Demo Product / Customer Profile)

-Direct Investment Opportunity

-Communication with Vinci Venture Capital, which is one of the strategic investments of İnci Holding.


How program works?


Opening the calls with pain points of the group companies

With the 365 days open call model, the updated pain points will be shared on the website.


Evaluation of the applications

The applications are evaluated by İnci Radar team and the results are announced to the applicants.


Matchmaking Activities

The process for mentorship and consultancy will be conducted.


Evaluation of investment opportunities

Communication Opportunity with Vinci VC and İnci Holding.