A Sustainable Future with İnci Holding Contributions:

Climate and energy themed Hackathon “Hack4Karsiyaka” brought university students who have an entrepreneurial spirit together for a sustainable future. In “Hack4Karsiyaka” Hackathon, which was held with the contributions of İnci Holding and our Group Companies, the problems of both the industry and the city were discussed with creative and experimental solutions. 

Nowadays we can observe the effects of global warming in nature, our city and even in our houses. To reduce those effects to the minimum level many countries including Türkiye have put Paris Climate agreement into action in 2016. This agreement has set some goals to minimize the effects of global warming while touching lots of topics on sustainability. Being carbon neutral and having a green energy network is in these goals. 

It is possible for largest industrial companies and corporate firms of Türkiye to lead the way in changing the behavior of other institutions/organizations and the public in this area through stakeholder participation events, stakeholder consultations and facilitating dialogue with the support of local governments. A growing number of institutions/organizations have set targets to increase the percentage of renewable energy in their operational activities. Many are trying to align policies, develop synergies and match renewable targets with climate and efficiency targets across infrastructure networks (water recruitment, transportation, electricity, heat, waste, etc.)

In the light of these goals, the Hack4Karsiyaka event, which brought together all university students in Izmir to develop solutions to the problems of “Climate and Energy” with a focus on sustainable and energy efficient technologies for the problems faced by companies and local governments, was also took place with the contribution of Inci Holding. In “Hack4Karsiyaka” organized by Karsiyaka Municipality Collective Entrepreneurship Center, with the partnership of Inci Holding Company, Eldor Turkey, Izmir Katip Celebi University, Kuzey Izmir Tekmer and Yasar University, students shared two and a half days of common excitement of the idea marathon at Karsiyaka Municipality Youth Center on 17-18-19 June. Three of the twelve teams that tried to find solutions to the sustainability problems of both our group companies and Izmir were ranked. At Hack4Karsiyaka, the first place belongs to Salty with salty water batteries project, the second was IEnergy with their project to transform internal combustion engine cars into electric cars, and the third was External with their moisture sensitive automatic irrigation system. 

At the event, it was among our goals to meet with the start-ups about the problems of the group companies and to enable them to develop joint projects. At the event, Inci Holding Director of Strategical Planning and Business Development Efe Cun was the juryman, Entrepreneurship Programs Leader Ayse Sen was the trainer-mentor, Technology Department Consultant Berat Aslan, Analysist & Engineer Gorkem Buse Mert, Inci GS YUASA; Operational Technologies and Perfectionism Unit Manager Onuralp Kazım Tumer, Maxicon Inci Rim Industry Inc. (Aluminum); Project Engineering Team Manager Gulsah Kurt, Job Security and Sustainability Manager Seda Tulga, ISM Machine Electric Industry and Trade Inc. Quality Engineer Gizem Cakaloglu and Care Specialist Murat Yigin were the mentors. 

We hope that we will achieve successful outcomes in many more events that we will all run towards the joint goal.

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